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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cross-platform software development offers a framework in which programming is done once, but can also be used for the provision of applications in iOS and Android.

The native app development uses the default language and IDE for both iOS and Android, i.e. Objective C/ Swift with xCode for iOS and JAVA/ Kotlin with Android Studio for Android.
MERN stands for MongoDB/ ExpressJS/ ReactJS/ NodeJS which is a combination of database, backend code and frontend code.

LAMP stands for Linux/ Apache/ MySQL and PHP, an open source proven technology for building server-side programming.
With the growing popularity of iPhone and the latest Android smartphones, we recommend introducing the product on both platforms.
Yes, if you have the budget flexibility then you should have a special iPad and tablet version of the app.
With new operating system releases, you should first test the app under a new operating system and list the items that do not work. Once you are finished, you should contact the company that developed it, and they can usually find a quick solution. Apple/ Google often change methods/functions with an operating system update, which are then marked as obsolete or no longer exist in the new operating system. Then an app that has been running well so far can suddenly no longer start at all.
The success of the application depends solely on whether the target market exists and the marketing reaches the users. Along with the great product, it is very important to have a good marketing plan and a good budget to gain momentum.
You can obtain the signed NDA from us to ensure that your idea is secure and not distributed anywhere other than within our development team.
Just send us an email with your ideas and our sales team will help you define a system flow that will be followed by the development of a product.
Each application has its own features and complexity, so application development can cost you anything from €5,000 to €500,000 or more, depending on its scope and complexity.
The project payment is defined in milestones and upon completion of each milestone, i.e. the approval of the work agreed upon by us, you will complete the payment for that milestone.
We have an in-house testing team that will test the system with the developer, but you can review the system at any time and provide feedback. You also have the choice to do the testing completely on your own, thus saving costs.
We can execute basic commands to set up your server at no additional cost. For comprehensive support, you can hire our server experts on a contract basis.
We use a secure authentication token system together with data storage with encryption for sensitive data.
At the beginning of the project itself, you will receive a project plan with approximate deadlines for the services to be provided, so that you can schedule your day to control the work. Normally we give weekly or every 2 weeks updates to show the regular progress.
We assign a project manager to your project, who speaks with you on behalf of Our Team and provides you with all updates and manages the project until deployment. This ensures that your point of view is shared with only one person and not with multiple team members.
Yes, we offer free support as soon as the app goes live and up to 2 weeks afterwards. Subsequently, we offer paid support at very favorable conditions.
It is not mandatory to have a website with the same features as the application. You can develop the app with a landing page first. If you get more traction, you can have a responsive website with the same features as when using it.
Yes, we will create a responsive website with the latest CSS to ensure it looks good in all desktop browsers as well as all mobile devices and operating systems.
Yes, we use both the AGILE method. Optionally we use SCRUM or KANBAN. Kanban is the method of choice in support, while Scrum is preferred in new development.
We give you access to the project management tool that we use along with email/ Skype communication to track progress.
We will fix any error that is part of the defined scope and has not occurred due to an operating system upgrade.
We do not make the source code available prior to receipt of payment in order to protect our rights. We can still give you a picture of one or two pieces of code to make sure you are happy.
All third-party fees shall be borne by you.
Yes, we will assist you in completing the account details and payment terms to complete the developer account sign-up process.
To create an Apple developer account, you must pay 99 EUR/year. For the Android developer account you have to pay 25 EUR once.
Depending on the expected traffic, server company and server parameters can be defined, ranging from €10 USD to $100 USD per month.
We started our trip in September 2008 and have already successfully completed more than 10 years in this industry.
We work on all the latest and most advanced technologies, which include the development of both web and mobile applications.

Web: ReactJS / NodeJS/ MeteorJS / PHP/ WordPress/ MongoDB/ Spring Boot / ExpressJS Mobile: React Native
No, we work with customers all over the world and in different time zones. In doing so, we prepare ourselves with the customer so that the work is done very efficiently.
Currently we are more than 9 experts who provide in their skills in various technologies and/or knowledge areas.
Yes, we have here all possibilities to do this task successfully.
We offer 3 types of price models

Value-priced model
Fixed-priced model
Hourly basis
We assist you in identifying the correct pricing model based on the size of the project and a project plan.
Now, when you visit us, you must have already done a careful research yourself. We are a very renowned IT company that has been working since 2008 with the goal of customer satisfaction and quality work.
Yes, you have the choice between 2 models:

1. At a minimum hourly rate, you can use our skills to create your very rough plan. Then you have a first overview and can make further decisions.

2. Roadmapping: We sit down together and work out the requirements for your project. At the end you have a complete construction plan for your software, which "only" needs to be programmed.
Yes, we follow industry proven processes and use the necessary tools for project management, bug tracking and code versioning.